Therapy for Mind, Body, and Spirit


Psychological Services Center is a non-profit clinic providing psychotherapy to the San Francisco Bay Area community since 1997. We are a part of California Institute of Integral Studies Clinical Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) training program. People of all ages, sexual orientations, and economic, spiritual, and ethnic backgrounds will find staff that brings sensitivity and understanding to diversity issues.


At the Psychological Services Center we view psychotherapy as an intermittent lifelong process where individuals seek services for varying periods of time as the need arises. Our service model holds brief and longer-term therapy as being equally valuable, where length of therapy and the treatment approach are determined by the presenting concerns as well as client preference.

Psychotherapy is an active process, where our clients are encouraged and empowered to begin making the changes in their lives that are consistent with their therapeutic and life goals. Using a holistic approach to counseling, we provide psychotherapy with a focus on overall well-being. We encourage attention to emotional, physical, and spiritual development as important aspects of an individual's total mental health.